“managed to give racists a bad name”

Valentine dylann roof got the death sentence Peter Good Valentine tbh i kind of forgot that that was a thing that could still happen Peter Roof managed to give racists a bad name I mean he's straight up psychopathic Valentine "managed to give racists a bad name" Peter That's definitely the quote for the next … Continue reading “managed to give racists a bad name”


Oppression and Listicles

Valentine http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/05/call-out-accountability/ This article has been going around with the [REDACTED] leftists Peter Skimming this I mostly agree I want dislike the way these things are written though It's just very... Elitist? Presumptuous maybe Even when talking to their own people is very "I know better" Valentine I feel like the tone of this is … Continue reading Oppression and Listicles