Humor, Free Speech, Implicit Bias

On a Facebook group that Valentine and I are both in, I posted a screencap from a group chat of a mutual friend saying he "liked black dick" after his account was "hacked". This led to a discussion in that Facebook group about the moral acceptability of the joke, which in turn prompted the following discussion … Continue reading Humor, Free Speech, Implicit Bias



Valentine Peter to be fair, the berkeley people made total fools of themselves  Valentine apparently the actual anarchists weren't even students Peter that seems like a copout  Valentine eg the ones who threw the shit does it lol? I feel like that's a pretty damn important detail Peter whenever things go wrong, its someone elses … Continue reading Berkeley

Talking about the last week

  Valentine aight, world is actually over we had a good run guys Peter this reminds of the the anti-asian act this is the worst part "Mr. Trump also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims." Valentine Yea … Continue reading Talking about the last week

Trump, Scott Adams, Feminism

Peter wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Valentine appointing 1. a scion of a political dynasty and 2. an anti-vaxxer #draintheswamp Valentine literally what more could they have tho we pretty much know him to be a factual rapist and he got elected anyway Peter *shrug* Peter Valentine it's just weird to me that "DAMNING REVELATIONS" just … Continue reading Trump, Scott Adams, Feminism