Peter: Hypocrisy in the Media

In the hours since the PewDiePie debacle, the internet – doing what it does best – decided to dig into the past histories of the three journalists who published the original article on WSJ. They found some rather interesting tidbits:

Each of the above archives shows journalist Ben Fritz making the same kind of in-context jokes that he later accused PDP of making, and while the earliest archive is from 2009 the most recent one is from the very tail end of 2015 – i.e. a little over a year ago.The WSJ hit-piece took issue with the mere existence of this sort of rhetoric regardless of context, arguing that it propagated harmful opinions and so on and so forth. While these arguments are entirely unconvincing, nonetheless  the lack of outraged response to the revelation of Fritz’s statements, from WSJ or other media outlets, screams hypocrisy. If WSJ or these other journalists believed in the ethics they espoused while morally denigrating PDP, one would expect some reaction to the fact that there seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing among them.

One could argue that these are the actions of a single journalist and not the entire WSJ, but once again the internet is not quite so forgiving.

The above full page advertisement for a group denying the Armenian Genocide appeared in the WSJ less than a year ago. This is arguably far less forgivable than PDP or even Fritz’s initial ‘crimes’ as this is not even couched in the contextual leniency of a joke.

If it were not for the internet’s general amnesia and its current fascination with Milo Yiannopoulos distracting from the PDP media blitz, I would expect more dirt to come out about WSJ and related outlets. As it is, WSJ has lost a severe amount of credibility for trying to play moral arbiter.

As a final word, I would like to direct attention to a particularly silly outcome of all of this:

For those who don’t know, the Daily Stormer is a white nationalist website. Fairly despicable people, not a lot of fun at parties and on the whole wrong about everything. But they seem to support the WSJ. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

– Peter


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