Peter: On Punching a Nazi

Pewdiepie has recently been declared a persona non grata because he used potentially offensive shock humor in one of his videos. The most recent media blitz against him includes numerous outlets calling him an anti-Semite, a member or supporter or hero of the alt-right, and, of course, a Nazi. Even his apology was spun in the same way.


Without making any claims on the tastefulness of PDPs joke, a small question. We said it was ok to punch one Mr. Richard Spencer for his despicable views, because he was a Nazi. Does that now make it OK to punch one Mr. Felix Kjellberg because he is a Nazi?

Political violence begets political violence. If you are willing to bite the bullet to the obviously rhetorical question above and argue that, ‘yes, we should in fact beat the ever loving shit out of PDP’, consider which side of history was known for beating up comedians for their humor.

– Peter


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