Talking about the last week



aight, world is actually over

we had a good run guys


this reminds of the the anti-asian act

this is the worst part

“Mr. Trump also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.”


Yea hahahaha hahahaha

Idk how that happened

I typed “yeahagaggagagagaga” or something like that

Not haha

To show my lack of words

Welp, at least I’m half Christian!



I wonder if this is enough to impeach

this is definitely going to go down in history as bad as the internment

I don’t know about visa – what are these?

“(excluding those foreign nationals traveling on diplomatic visas, North Atlantic Treaty Organization visas, C-2 visas for travel to the United Nations, and G-1, G-2, G-3, and G-4 visas)”

ok never mind those are mostly related to foreign government work

so this is accurate

fuck xD


what the fuck

So are they going to start deporting people who’ve been here for years?


not deporting, but refusing entry from what i can tell


what the fuck

This is a pretty stark reminder that humanity hasn’t fucking progressed at all


basically like [REDACTED] students from Iran can’t go home for the summer

I think i’d rather have pence xD

there are lawsuits kicking off though

ACLU is filing class action

which I suspect will get priority status and hopefully will be fast tracked through the legal system

still, the actual overturning could take at least a month

still, this is a short jump from ‘currently refusing entry’ to ‘deporting’, and while this is *technically* against non-citizens the idea that we could remove greencard/visa holders after the fact shakes any legitimacy of either of those two documents.

This is very bad >.>

ah, it gets worse

not dual citizens of the states, it would seem, but dual citizens of *other* countries + one of 7, e.g. britain + iran

of course, again, the jump is very very small to citizens of the 7 + US, for example

and this:

is why COIs are very bad >.>


This is all just such a goddamn clusterfuck

I’m hoping you’re right about ACLU fast track but idk why that would be the case

The Saudi contradiction feels super glaring

Idk if I would rather have Pence? Idk if he would have done this, but I don’t think that he’d overturn it if trump were to get impeached

He ~is~ the one who wants to electroshock gay people until they love Jesus, after all


yea, but he’s still probly better

government can’t mandate electroshock therapy

at least he isn’t unhinged, right?


I mean is he not unhinged? He’s scarily Christian – can executive orders do anything about marriage equality?

And the issue here being that idk if he would even overturn the ban/not continue down that course

that said, fuck Donald trump as a person – it would be some sweet karmic revenge for him to lose the presidency so soon after being sworn in


I suspect that there could be an exec order that would prevent all marriage certification groups from giving marriage licenses


But obvs he won’t, because the republicans control the house and the senate


I wouldn’t be surprised if the house and senate are looking for a way to impeach him. They’d much prefer pence in office after all

“In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court determined during the Korean War that executive orders must fit within a certain sphere of power and cannot simply defy Congressional intent. – See more at:”

so I don’t think that they could strike down marriage equality with an exec order, or at least if they tried it would be overturned as soon as it went to court (and I’d be really surprised if they tried)



I feel like I don’t have any intelligent commentary here lol

For now it’s sort of just a “wait and see if this is really the end of it”

Which it won’t be


there’s enough backlash that as long as people dont forget we’re gonna see a democratic house/senate in 2 years


“as long as people don’t forget”

that’s asking a lot of people

they’ll have forgotten a week from now lol


well, this is slightly different

I think the greencard holders thing is whats gonna cause trouble


cause now big companies have their employees affected, and communities in general can make the attack personal


like its really easy not to care about refugees, and frankly I think there’s more of an argument to be made against refugees – like I don’t think its a good one, but its there.

no one cares about refugees because you don’t KNOW them yet, so there’s no personal pressure

But when he targets people who have visas approved, or who have greencards, you start attacking communities that already exist locally

its easier for someone to care about, say, my neighbor/coworker/fellow student Asif than it is to care about refugee Asif



Not pleasant, but true in general lol

I’m just hoping that for now the backlash is sufficient to prevent escalation

it’s an interesting approach to diplomacy to diffuse tensions with Russia by joining them in fucking over the Middle East even more

now we’re all the bad guys!


frankly its also nothing new

the geographic locations of power change but the tactics are the same




Maybe pence would be better

SUN 1:08PM


Ayyy courts are fighting back


Well, people are*

O didn’t realize the courts already were doing stuff cool–finance.html

wtf how is he doing literally all of the things he said he was going to do, how are his promises not just insane bullshit


does this mean that if obama wanted to he literally could’ve gone in first day and been like, ‘healthcare, done. climate change, done.’

why did that not happen?









Apparently he tried but it didn’t work out lol

“Closing gitmo” was a big central promise for 2008 Obama


wait if he exec’d ordered it AND gitmo is a federal prison comprised entirely of federal employees, why didnt it close?


I think executive orders may not be nearly as powerful as they appear


“This plan was thwarted for the time being on 20 May 2009, when the United States Senate voted to keep the prison at Guantanamo Bay open for the foreseeable future and forbid the transfer of any detainees to facilities in the United States.”

from wiki


So yeah, I guess the senate can just overrule by passing a law


seems like congressional senate people also disagree with the refugee ban, given mccain’s stance for example

Separately, have you noticed that nobody calls trump ‘president trump’? xD

I don’t think most news sites called obama ‘barack obama’ but we do say ‘donald trump’



I like it tbh

The subtle act of rebellion

He doesn’t really carry himself with any dignity so I see no reason to give him the dignity the office usually affords




I miss McCain



I feel like I want to buy uber’s explanation here

if they were trying to take advantage of the strike wouldn’t they have RAISED prices?


I like the idea, but where are they gonna put them?

assume no one gets fired and it takes like 30 people to run one store, are they just gonna grow 300 stores?

though apparently they already have 13000 or something so i guess 300 more isn’t crazy xD


I mean, presumably even uber doesn’t want to tempt turning consumers against them ~that~ much

in this case, idk how inclined i am to believe that uber is going to be more moral than any other profit-driven corporation

especially given the shadiness of their history

As for Starbucks, I feel like they must have more than enough space lol

Or would be able to expand for it

one thing that’s interesting: you know times are bad when major corporations see the most economically-viable strategy to take is to rebel against the policies of the president

historically revolutions work so much more easily when the rich are also on board so that’s helpful

(tho in this case I guess Uber still hasn’t gotten the memo)


Or they have XD



The current list of trending subreddits: /r/Impeach_Trump /r/ANormalDayInRussia /r/legaladvice /r/TrumpForPrison /r/MarchAgainstTrump

i really don’t think so lol


Wonder what happened to the dominance of the Donald


eh, they’ve still got 350,000 subscribers

i’m also pretty sure reddit had to change their voting algorithm so that /r/all wasn’t literally just /r/the_donald all the time lolol

and then of course /r/the_donald got really upset about the “censorship” so that was a whole thing for a while

Le Pen is leading french election polls rn lmao

Fillon is the “mainstream” conservative candidate, relatively similar to the average Republican I think

idk who Macron is, but apparently he’s running from a progressive party

Hamon is I think the nominee from the socialist party, which the current president is part of (but hollande is super unpopular rn so that hurts him more than anything)


Wait explain why Uber makes more money from not having surge on during the strike?

Isn’t that textbook monopoly gouging to do it while the strike is on?


this is funny

also: because if they surged on strike they’d probably just alienate all of their customers and probably a shit ton of their drivers too

like, it’s never a good idea to do something so horrible that people start boycotting you lol

which is why companies nowadays all make such a big deal about “corporate social responsibility”


But they did the opposite of that

And that’s why people are protesting


yeah, they also just made a mistake

i think they thought that the post from the CEO was covering their ass enough


Not making it clear? XD

Like if they said immediately that that’s why they removed the thing


maybe i’m confused about what they did

bc i’m not sure what action you’re talking about


Normally Uber has surge pricing

During the strike, they removed surge pricing

The reason given was so that people could get to and from JFK to protest


ohhhh nvm i thought that surging was what would have been considered strike breaking

no i see the logic


Most people interpreted this as strike busting the taxi strike


the idea is that by announcing that they was no surge they were trying to undercut the taxi driver strike

by funneling the customers to uber

which is distasteful

sorry i was confused about what was happening lol

“not strike-breaking” would have been if they didn’t capitalize on the situation at all and just kept their regular course (or, better, endorsed the strike)




honestly, there’s really no reason for them to have turned off surge pricing except to have taken advantage of the strike

so really i don’t think there’s any other interpretation lol

like, their defense is just…saying that they weren’t strike-breaking?


Getting people to JFK


that’s more than a little sketch


To protest

Was their defense


where did they make that defense?



The CEO said







this is all twitter says

and, reading the CEO statement again, it says nothing about “getting protesters to JFK”

it doesn’t even mention the strike

and the article you sent me earlier doesn’t mention that excuse either so idk where you got that idea from

also, there is the whole issue of the CEO joining Trump’s advisory team

Literally their defense has just been saying “we swear that wasn’t meant to break the strike guys”


Pretty sure it was in the last thing I sent though in the article


Reading that article again: the point was that the taxi drivers were protesting the ban

by not driving people to JFK and protesting in front of it instead

whereas uber was taking advantage of that to just offer people service to get to jfk (with no mention anywhere of any specific reason for why to transport the people)

Either way, uber is and always has been dodgy shit

Lyft has been playing this very well actually

while uber breaks a strike, they donated a bunch of money to the ACLU

they sent this email out lol



weird i could’ve sworn i saw that somewhere

mebbe im just wrong

eh, i dont lose much sleep defending uber so xD

ah ok

“”We had no intention of ‘breaking up a strike,'” an Uber spokesperson told Mashable. “Rather we wanted to let people know that Uber was an option to get to/from JFK at the time of the protest, at normal prices.””

thats what i was thinking about


















that’s still a fairly dodgy reply lol


I guess the only thing I can’t quite figure out about the uber strike is whether they would have made more money if they had left surge on

I feel like they would have?


“Understandably, President Obama noted that he would extend to Donald Trump the same traditional courtesy that so many presidents before him did by remaining silent and letting the new president lead without interference from their predecessor.”

in the same sentence, president obama, donald trump



I mean, we don’t know how many people actually took Uber up on the no-surge offer

Or how many customers they lost


just based on economic principle right?

demand mustve been super high, the only competition took themselves out of the market


I mean idk if there’s an economic principle which determines completely what would happen

It depends entirely on the relative size of various factors – demand in the moment, the level of public outrage (which likely extends outside NYC)

This story is getting shared around but the strike itself was only a few hours


thought it was only one hour actually


Like this is why economic models don’t have the best predictive power lol – you rarely know how big of an effect different factors will have until it happens

You can just hypothesize about the effects of those factors






what would suck though is if they were actually well intentioned xD

ah well, uber isn’t great anyway


I don’t feel that sorry for them tbh – the intent isn’t clear at all, and they’ve indulged in shady business practices in the past

lyft is cheaper anyway


lyft is probly worse to their employees tbh




how else would they cut prices?


god is real and he hates us


well, they could just make less profit/revenue lol

also everything about that latest link is just

“we’re living in a simulation made by a petty vengeful god” is just true now


of fucking course xD

(not what you’d expect from the title though)

win if you do, win if you dont



got that backwards

lose if you do, lose if you dont*


tbh I’m inclined to say democratic (or at least Clinton) voters are more likely to drink at Starbucks


just cause they happen to be in cities?


more urban/cosmopolitan, high

er incomes, more likely to order something called a “venti frapuccino” on principle

I mean the cities would be enough lol



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