Talking about the last week

  Valentine aight, world is actually over we had a good run guys Peter this reminds of the the anti-asian act this is the worst part "Mr. Trump also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims." Valentine Yea … Continue reading Talking about the last week


What it means to be a Feminist

Peter question is feminism a pro-choice movement? i.e. prochoice vs prolife? Valentine is the question you're going for "can someone be pro-life and conceivably still a feminist?" Peter yes apparently the women's march on saturday had some infighting between prochoice and prolife feminism people are talking bout it on [REDACTED] politics Valentine I think there's … Continue reading What it means to be a Feminist

Sexual Assault Statistics, Also, In Which We Conclude that Obviously True Things Are True

tw: rape, sexual assault, transgender identity Peter I decided to look into the numbers this is the most comprehensive study I could find and its...really fucking weird so the study asked men whether they had been 'made to penetrate' which in itself is a really awkward term but whatever and the numbers were crazy … Continue reading Sexual Assault Statistics, Also, In Which We Conclude that Obviously True Things Are True

Trump, Scott Adams, Feminism

Peter wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Valentine appointing 1. a scion of a political dynasty and 2. an anti-vaxxer #draintheswamp Valentine literally what more could they have tho we pretty much know him to be a factual rapist and he got elected anyway Peter *shrug* Peter Valentine it's just weird to me that "DAMNING REVELATIONS" just … Continue reading Trump, Scott Adams, Feminism

Oppression and Listicles

Valentine This article has been going around with the [REDACTED] leftists Peter Skimming this I mostly agree I want dislike the way these things are written though It's just very... Elitist? Presumptuous maybe Even when talking to their own people is very "I know better" Valentine I feel like the tone of this is … Continue reading Oppression and Listicles